A b ouCVGC

This....Is....CVGC. Which for those who don't particularly know the acronym it is the Competitive Video Gaming Club. The club is currently supported through Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Regardless of the name, CVGC is really a club full of fun loving, and goofy gamers.

The club is full of all types of gamers, from those who like to play League of Legends, to those who like to play Minecraft or Pokemon. Really there is nothing about this club that requires any sort of skill, or competition. However the most important thing that a member must have in order to join the club is to be open minded, and just love to hang out and game.

The club has meetings weekly, Thursday nights at 7pm, during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The club also has events that are typically held bi-weekly. These events are almost always on Fridays, and run form 7pm to 12am. The events are also about as diverse as the members are the club, and members always vote on what they want the focus of each event to be, however everyone is always more than welcome to bring their own gaming gear, or games, and can set up and play with friends.

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